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Employee Relocation Service

When it comes to employee relocation, it can be a headache for both staff and employers. With the process being less straightforward and often difficult to organize, which is why you should hire a professional moving & storage company, as they have the experience when it comes to these large projects.  Springfield Van and Storage Co. has a vast knowledge and experience in helping employers and employees be relocated with our high-quality employee relocation service. No matter the location, we also guarantee a stress-free and simple service, which will help to lessen the complications of relocating.

Why Use Springfield Van and Storage Co.?

  • We’re located in Central Illinois.
  • We have worked with Fortune 500 companies.
  • We have trained & trustworthy professional team.

Employee Relocation Service To Meet Your Requirements

With each of our clients, we know that every move is unique. From the moment you get in contact with us about your relocation project, we will discuss with you, your full requirements, as well as your budget. We have dedicated managers who have years of experience and can help to plan out your whole move with you, from packing and loading to actual delivery and unloading. If you require storage of your good then we also have a storage service which is perfect for you.

Springfield Van and Storage Co. can help you move to any location around the world, whether you’re looking to move another state or to another country, you can rely on us to make your whole moving process simple and hassle-free.

HR Department Assistance

As well as helping your employees, we are also able to help your HR department with planning your relocation to your new corporate premises. When you choose our service, you can guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied and not only you but your employees and HR department too. All of the HR department’s equipment will arrive on time, we will help to unpack and transport anything you need us to.

Customer Support

We feel that with our large team of experts, we can take care of any problems you may have whilst moving. We provide a unique service to each and every one of our clients, this helps us give you a personal and professional service from start to finish. You will be assigned a single point of contact, who will be dealing with everything just for you. Helping you to feel no stress during the move, making your schedule details for you and giving you the confidence that the whole move will go as planned.

You can learn more about the service we offer for employee relocation by getting in contact or requesting a quote.



Our team can handle your local move, we can take care of the stress of moving for you. Whether you’re moving across town or next door, the Springfield Van and Storage Co. team is here to help.


Springfield Van and Storage Co. doesn’t just offer moving services, we also offer Residential/Business/Commercial storage. We offer a variety of Short – Long Term Storage & In-transit Storage options.


Are you moving your business or office? Springfield Van and Storage Co. team has highly qualified and professional movers that can easily handle your commercial moves, Big or Small.

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