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Military Movers / Government Movers

If you are a member of our nation’s military or a governmental employee then you should look no further for any relocation services. We are the country’s leading experts in handling all of our amazing service men and women’s needs during any relocation. Our incredible customer service is not simply born from our decades of industry experience. But, from out highest sense of appreciation and respect for all those serving in any branch of our military or government. We will be sure to make every effort to show this commitment to all who serve. We are extremely confident that all of our experience and our passion for honoring your service is the key to our amazing customer service which we are sure you will notice!

General Services Administration Transportation

We are one of the foremost leading providers of General Services Administration (GSA). The reason we are the first choice is simple. We operate with integrity and never cut corners in our work. We always strive to deliver the very best customer service when we are responsible for moving any member of government staff or service men and women. Due to our commitment to you, we always rank highly on the General Services Administration performance index based on satisfaction surveys collated from customers. You can be sure that we don’t just perform for our critics but all of our customers so you can be confident you’ll always receive the same level of incredible customer service.

Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program

Also known as Champ, the Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program allows us to ensure our transit standards are always highly maintained. We are both qualified under and support the general service administration of CHAMP. This program allows agencies to be efficient in our logistical work whilst we are responsible for transporting any of your household goods from one post to the next. This program also allows us to be economical in our work as we work to the highest standards within the framework of Champ.

CHAMP also allows us to us to work closely with any federal organization that would rather use the general services administration system to implement their relocation actions. By utilizing the CHAMP Transportation Management Services Solution also known as the TMSS system we can be a very flexible service provider to ensure that no matter what system you are using we can try and cater for your needs.

Useful resources and References for military personnel

If you need to confirm any information on your military shipments when in transit or before they are loaded you can get that information, arrange to ship or receive any current shipping statuses by contacting the relevant agency simply by emailing: or calling 800-428-9572.

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