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Moving Supplies Available at Springfield Van & Storage Co.

Packing is an important step in any move, requiring experience and expertise for the best overall moving experience and to ensure the safest journey for your objects. But, using the correct methods and experience is only half of what is required. High-quality materials are also needed.

Using poor or low-quality supplies may prove little to no protection for long journeys or risky routes that may cause a lot of potential risks like potholes or sharp turns. Our materials not only will endure the transport process but will protect your goods from any potential issues that may arise. Our materials can prove you with peace of mind, something that we all desire when we are moving.

Moving Supplies & Packing Materials Needed For Moving

  • High-Quality Boxes
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Strong Tape
  • Packing Labels


Springfield Van and Storage Co. uses a wide array of boxes, designed to offer the best support for all goods packed within. Our use of these boxes will not only offer a lower risk of damage during transport but will more efficiently hold all goods, reducing the number of containers needed to hold all goods during the travel process. The boxes we use at Springfield Van and Storage Co. also features hardy resistance, capable of enduring anything that they will experience during the packing, transport and storage stages.

Designed with multiple internal dividers, we have cartons capable of holding multiple fragile items within like dishware and glasses. Specially designed wardrobe boxes with the purpose of containing various volumes of clothing. Boxes created with the purpose of carrying large, flatter objects like mirrors and picture frames. These objects require great protection as they are extremely brittle and can easily be damaged if not packed properly, hence our specifically designed boxes that can offer optimal protection. Our various sized and designed boxes will be able to suit any need that we encounter.


Wrapping can do a whole lot of good towards protecting your goods and is one of the more important aspects of packing, offering another layer of cushion that can mean the difference between your goods from getting damaged. The most common wrapping we use is bubble wrap, a widely known and used wrapping material. Although well used, most people can overuse this material, resulting in each packed container containing fewer goods and increasing the number of containers used.

Packing Tape

Packing tape is often considered as a minor material in the packing process, here at Springfield Van and Storage Co., we know better. Once everything is packed into a container, the tape is always used for seal the container to stop its contents from burst out mid-transport. Once opened, the contents of the container can be damaged from the initial fall and since they are loose within a vehicle, they can be further damaged from neighboring boxes or from impacts the goods will suffer from not being restricted.

The good quality tape is an important material to stop boxes from opening, this is why we aim to use high quality, strong tape that can endure anything during transit meaning you don’t have to worry about boxes opening or have to use an excessive amount of tape to ensure safety for the objects restricted within.


We provide every customer with the correct tools to label all the boxes used. It’s easy to mistake one box for another and once you have reached your destination, knowing what is located in each box at a glance will aid you in unpacking your belongings quickly, whether you plan to unpack everything on the day or to only unpack the essentials for the time being.



Our team can handle can handle your local move, we can take care of the stress of moving for you. Whether you’re moving across town or next door, the Springfield Van and Storage Co. team is here to help.


Springfield Van and Storage Co. doesn’t just offer moving services, we also offer Residential/Business/Commercial storage. We offer a variety of Short – Long Term Storage & In-transit Storage options.


Long-distance moves can be very stressful and demanding for everyone. We have moved thousands of families and individuals across the country. Springfield Van and Storage Co. team can help you move cross-country.