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Packing Services by Springfield Van and Storage Co.

Packing is a crucial step when moving from one location to another. The packing used and the methods employed are the difference between a safe journey for your items too damaged goods on arrival. There is also the issue of using too much packing, meaning a larger volume of boxes and packages having to be moved in more trips. We know how to pack at Springfield Van and Storage Co. and we can guarantee the best service to fulfill your packaging needs. With our experience and methods, we can ensure that this important step is completed efficiently and to a high standard.

During the travel, objects packed correctly will arrive at their destination with no damage, an ideal situation for all. This is why we offer our services when packing is needed. We know how to correctly pack to a high standard. Secured and with protection, our packing will guarantee no damage to your property. Our methods will also reduce the amount of packaging required, minimizing the number of boxes needed to be transported, lowering the amount of money spent on materials needed for the packing as well as being more environmentally friendly due to lower fuel usage and materials used.

Let Us Pack For You

With our experience and knowledge, we can offer high standards of packing in a much shorter amount of time. By having us complete your packing process, you can rest at ease knowing that your objects will be packed quickly but also carefully, safe in the knowledge that we can promise that your items will not be damaged in transit. This will not only lower the potential risk of moving and any related costly damages, it will create a much more relaxing and pleasant experience overall by having one less thing to worry about.

Packing fragile items

There are many items that can be easily damaged. While some are widely known, certain aspects can be overlooked. At Springfield Van and Storage Co., we know what to look for and can easily identify any objects that require extra protection or preparation. One of the best examples of this are electronic goods. Costing a fair amount, electronic goods are usually packed in 2 different ways. Overly packed causing more packaging and potentially more traveling required to transport everything. The other extreme is under packing or poorly packed objects.

When inappropriately packed, it will not guarantee damaged goods on arrival, it raises the potential risk that could be inflicted during transport. Large brittle surface areas like television screens or tablets can easily crack in an instant, requiring a costly repair or more expensive replacement. Internals can be knocked loose and render the electronic good useless. But, many other aspects can be overlooked like cables. While durable, poorly packed will mean that these cables that are required can be significantly damaged from extreme weight placed upon them or damaged sockets. With our use of high-quality materials, fragile materials like vases or glass will also arrive at their destination undamaged.



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