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Storage Solutions In Springfield IL

Springfield Van and Storage Co. knows that moving can be a stressful event in your life. With so much to plan and arrange, so many things could go wrong and cause a pile-up of problems that you don’t need to deal with.  Springfield Van and Storage Co. is able to help you through this event by offering storage solutions.  Not everything can be planned to move fluidly from one location to another, not everything will go as planned, but we can help you with any issues you may encounter.

Moving & Storage Experts

Moving from one location to another is not as simple as throwing your objects into a box, chucking them into the back of a van and then driving to your new location. Care must be taken with your objects so that they will remain undamaged during transport. As for the actual traveling, it may not go as planned. You may have planned to go from one spot to another on the same day but something has popped up and you can no longer do that.

Or, you have to leave a location but need to wait a few days before you can move into your new building. Here at Springfield Van and Storage Co., we can assure you that this is no problem that we cannot overcome and aid you in your time of need. With our large, secure warehouse, we can take your property and store it on your behalf, easing any stress you may be facing.

With the use of our storage warehouse, we will be able to hold any volume of objects you have for a lengthy amount of time until you are prepared to continue your move. The warehouse we use are well secured and cost efficient, ensuring that your stored property is safely under our protection without a large price tag that some other companies may charge you.

Types of Storage Solutions

There are 3 main types of storage solutions we can offer you to fulfill your needs, short term storage, long term storage, and office/business records storage. We are capable of storing your property safely and securely for any length of time you need for your transporting needs. We can store your property for any length of time you need whilst offering the option of aiding you by delivering your stored property to your desired location when needed.

Professional assistance

Springfield Van and Storage Co. can offer you our expert skills and experience to aid you in your time of need. We are able to store your property in a secure location where we can guarantee that your property will not be damaged from lack of care or poor storage environment. We will treat your property as if they were our own so that you know you can trust Springfield Van and Storage Co. to fulfill your storage needs.



Our team can handle can handle your local move, we can take care of the stress of moving for you. Whether you’re moving across town or next door, the Springfield Van and Storage Co. team is here to help.


Long distance moves can be very stressful and demanding for everyone. We have moved thousands of families and individuals across the country. Springfield Van and Storage Co. team can help you move cross-country .


Are you moving your business or office? Springfield Van and Storage Co. team has highly qualified and professional movers that can easily handle your commercial moves, Big or Small.